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Making the elegant choice and conversion to natural soybean wax could never be easier. The environmentally-wise population is rising with their eye on resources that support the American economy. The customers demand safer, more efficient and beneficial options when it comes to one of America's favorite mood setting and relaxation choice, Cubbyhole Candle, the natural choice.

 Soy Hand & Body Lotion
Cubbyhole Scent List

We offer a variety of unique candle sents

Soy Candle Jar

Here you can purchase  soy candles & melts

Elkland candle

Pick up your order in Elkland


Benefits of Soy Candles

    • Soy Wax comes from renewable resources
    • Supports the AMERICAN farmers and their families
    • Natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly
    • Non-toxic and cleans up easily with just soap and water
    • Soy wax burns at a lower temperature than traditional paraffin wax, which means longer burn times for you! 

    We feel that once you've tried our soy candles you'll never go back to paraffin again! 

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